Cheerleading Maajoukkueurheilija 2017-2020

I am been training cheerleading now for 17 years. This is third year as an athlete on the Finnish National Team. I have found chiropractic care to be a vital part of taking care of myself and maintaining a healthy body that allows me to perform at the highest athletic level. When I moved to Finland, I was concerned about finding a suitable chiropractor. I was recommended ViaVital through another athlete on my club team and visited for the first time in 2017. Viavital and Joona surpassed my expectation on the first visit and I have continually visited since then. I visited several different chiropractors in the U.S. but have felt that overall my treatment here in Finland with ViaVital has been the best service and treatment. The benefits I reap from chiropractic care are immeasurable and a large part of the reason that I am able to continue training and performing at the national team level.


Kayleigh Karinen